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behavior interventions

Behavior Interventions

For those living on the autism spectrum, one of the most common and effective forms of therapy is Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy, known as ABA Therapy for short. First pioneered in the 1960s, behavior intervention has become a standard treatment …

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20 Rewarding Careers Working with Children

For people who love kids and want to serve in a position that has the potential to make lasting differences in young lives, child-oriented careers could be a perfect option. Professionals who work with children tend to enjoy their jobs, …

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ADD vs ADHD: What’s the Difference?

ADD and ADHD are two names for the same clinical diagnosis. ADD, or attention deficit disorder, is a somewhat older term referring to the same disorder as the newer ADHD, or Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Parents and clinicians sometimes only refer …

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