Interview Series - School Questionnaire

Thanks for your interest in participating in our interview series. We think highly of all the programs featured here and feel good about recommending them to our readers.

We’d love to offer our readers even more information about your program so we’re glad to publish all the insights you’d like to share. There are no restrictions or word-count limits, so go into as much detail as you’d like. Don’t feel constrained by the questions you see here; feel free to go off-script with anything you’d like prospective students to know.

We want to work with you to present you, your department, the school, and its programs in a way that is flattering and respectful. We will not edit your responses in any way that would alter the meaning or intent of what you choose to share. We may elect to highlight certain points by publishing some portion of your response, but always with respect to the spirit of what you intended to convey.

Thanks for taking the time to participate. We know this will be an asset for the future students looking to find out more about the programs offered through your department.

School Questionnaire

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