The Most Frequently Asked Questions About ASD and ABA

Even as better methods of diagnosis and increased awareness helped push autism spectrum disorder into the mainstream, it’s still a disorder that is somewhat shrouded in mystery and misinformation. Public schools welcome students with autism into the classroom to learn alongside neurotypical students… High functioning adults with autism are as accomplished in their work lives as anybody else, and sometimes even more so…

Still, families raising children with autism and even high-functioning adults with the disorder all too often find themselves struggling against stereotypes that simply don’t fit. Dealing with these misconceptions only compounds the challenges that come with trying to achieve success in school and the workplace despite the disorder.

Everyone whose life has been touched by autism in some way finds themselves looking for answers that will help them gain a better understanding of the disorder. And as ASD has come to leave its mark on popular culture it has even stirred curiosity in people who may have never met anybody with autism.

Here we provide answers to many of the questions parents, teachers and future ABAs are likely to have. But we didn’t want to stop there. As part of the community of people who interact and work with children and adults on the spectrum everyday, we also wanted to dispel some of the common myths, celebrate the accomplishments of those living with ASD, and have a little fun exploring all things fascinating and wonderful about autism spectrum disorder.

Frequently Asked Questions


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