Salaries for Applied Behavior Analysts in Connecticut

Experienced board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA®s) in Connecticut can earn salaries as high as $113,570 a year, according to 2021 statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

Applied behavior analysts (ABAs) are exceptionally well paid in New Haven which had by far the highest average salary in the state for both entry-level and experienced behavior analysts.  

The Behavior Analysis Leadership Council reported that the number of ABAs practicing in Connecticut is increasing by about one-quarter each year. The Council also reported that 489 ABAs lived in Connecticut as of January 2016. In addition, a number of additional ABAs commute into the state. Estimates suggest that more than 600 of these professionals practiced in Connecticut at that time.

Insurance Coverage for the Treatment of Autism Creates New Opportunities for ABAs in Private Practice

Burning Glass Technologies reported that knowledge of autism treatment is the most highly sought job skill listed in postings for ABAs. The behavior modification techniques practiced by ABAs are widely considered the most effective treatment for autism. However, intensive treatment can be highly expensive and unaffordable for families whose insurance policies do not cover ABA therapy.

Insurance coverage for the treatment of autism increases the opportunity for ABAs to practice in the private sector, either independently or as employees in private practices. In 2008, Connecticut passed two Public Acts on behalf of the state’s residents who have autism spectrum disorder. One requires insurance companies to pay for autism therapies, while the other requires special education for individuals with autism. Both group and individual health insurance policies must provide this coverage.

ABAs in Connecticut must possess the BCBA® to provide behavioral therapy. Connecticut values this credential so highly that it is a felony to claim to be an ABA without the proper certification.

Salaries for Experienced BCBA®s in the Largest Metropolitan areas of Connecticut 

The range of salaries for board-certified behavior analysts with ten years of experience in the field are shown below (median to top 10% – current as of May, 2021): 

Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford: 

  • 50th: $102,490 
  • 75th: $126,900  
  • 90th: $133,850 

New Haven: 

  • 50th: $113,570 
  • 75th: $126,870  
  • 90th: $131,310 
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Salaries for New BCBA®s in the Largest Metropolitan areas of Connecticut 

Shown below are the entry-level salary figures for behavior analysts in the largest cities in Connecticut by sector. Salary data shown below for entry-level ABAs is current as of May 2021 (10th percentile to median): 

Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford: 

  • 10th: $29,220 
  • 25th: $79,620  
  • 50th: $102,490 

New Haven: 

  • 10th: $53,160 
  • 25th: $89,520  
  • 50th: $113,570 

Intervention Resources for Autism in Connecticut

The introduction of insurance coverage for autism treatment in Connecticut resulted in a number of independent providers who hire ABAs to provide treatment. Autism Speaks®, the country’s largest autism advocacy and science organization, displayed the resources to treat autism in Connecticut as of November 2016. The organization identified 51 providers who can be found throughout the state. Those in the largest cities included:

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  • Abilis
  • Children’s Academy CT
  • Connec-to-Talk, LLC
  • The Collaborative Center for Learning & Development
  • The Social Enrichment and Educational Development (SEED) Center


  • Positive Reinforcement (PR) ABA Therapy, Inc.
  • River Street Autism Program
  • Speech and Language Pathologist, Board Certified Behavior Analysts

New Haven:

  • Achieve Beyond Pediatric Therapy & Autism Services


  • ABA Provider Services
  • TheraCare’s Academy for Young Minds

2021 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and employment figures for Psychologists, All Other reflect national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed January 2023. 

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