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Rebecca is a full-time writer and editor with a BA in Journalism and Communications. Throughout her career she has contributed to high-profile websites and blogs related to psychology, social and behavioral sciences, teaching and more. You can connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn at

Autism Certificate (AC): What it is & How to Get One

The development of more effective approaches at diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the creation and implementation of cutting-edge therapies used to treat the symptoms of ASD have improved the way we approach and treat those with autism. Now, more …

5 Careers Working with Autistic Children

Despite its prevalence (the CDC reports that about 1 in 54 children are diagnosed with ASD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD) remains elusive and difficult to understand, making its treatment just as challenging. Difficulty with communication and social skills, repetitive behaviors, …

Three Myths to Dispel About ABA

Many parents seek out ABA therapy because they have been told that it will help their autistic child, but have no idea what to expect. Lauren Rubin published a blog post on the Huffington Post in which she dispelled three …

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